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Winter gives us hope

This winter in Austin has been much colder than any I can remember growing up in Texas.  I’m not a cold weather person.  I was just thinking the other day as I dream of the day when I can wear … Continue reading

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Why I love mornings

Mornings are hands down my favorite part of the day.  Mornings are full of promise, full of potential.  Today is an adventure about to unfold.  On the brink of excitement.  The thrill of the unknown and the smell of possibility. … Continue reading

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Is dreaming better than realizing your dream?

I was contemplating this the other day.  Dreaming is fun.  It gives you hope.  It takes you to a better place.  It lets you escape your current reality to what you think is a better one.  But what happens if … Continue reading

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The Greatest Game Ever Invented

I dislike the government.  I would like to use a stronger word, but I might get in trouble, since the government is reading everything I write.  With the Edward Snowden releasing details about the government’s PRISM program of spying on … Continue reading

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I don’t wanna go home

Everybody loves vacation.  I just got back from one.  It was great.  But what’s not great is that “I just got back”.  Coming back from vacation sucks.  Last Friday when I was leaving work, ready to leave for my vacation, … Continue reading

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