News is not a Game Show

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I guess you could say I’m a fan of the Daily Show with John Stewart (or John Oliver).  Quite often when watching I find myself laughing out loud.  Today I heard a quote that elicited that exact response, and I also thought it was quite poignant, so I thought I’d share it.

While doing a segment on Edward Snowden and the recent PRISM leaks (starting about 11min into this episode) , John Oliver is poking fun at the news media, which the show often does, and he says “News is not a game show.  You don’t win a car if you happen to be right.” (about 14:10 into the episode)

This is exactly the problem (well one of them anyway) with modern news channels in America.  They are constantly competing and treating the news like a game, rather than just reporting facts.  Watching live news coverage is often painful; like watching a kids talent show, without all the cuteness.  People trying to look like they know what they are doing, but they have no idea.

Hope you got a laugh like I did.

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