I don’t wanna go home

Everybody loves vacation.  I just got back from one.  It was great.  But what’s not great is that “I just got back”.  Coming back from vacation sucks.  Last Friday when I was leaving work, ready to leave for my vacation, I was very happy.  “Let’s hit the road! Can’t wait to get on the plane to get to the beach!”


Everyone knows that feeling when you are about to leave on a fun trip.  Is there a way to keep that feeling even when we are returning from a trip?  Everyone also knows the feeling of getting on the plane or car to come back from a vacation, with that sinking feeling that “I’ve got to go back to work on Monday.”

I’ve been trying to think of ways to counteract this.  I’m not saying that the negative feeling at the end of vacation outweighs the positive feeling at the beginning and during, but perhaps we can be smart to find a way to enjoy returning from vacation too.  Maybe we can use some of Dan Ariely’s behavioral economics studies to help us out.

Maybe its planning the next vacation the day we get back from the last one?  If I knew that as soon as I got home I would book the flights for my next trip, would that make it more fun to come home after this trip?  Or maybe its planning a special night out with a spouse or friends for the day after coming back.  I’ll have to try these on coming back from my next trip.

Anybody have any ideas of how to avoid the dread feeling when returning from a holiday?

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