Is my phone better than my computer?

phone > computer

Which do you find more useful, your phone or your computer?  An interesting question, that probably depends on the context and what you are trying to do.

One annoying thing I’ve found is that my Android phone does some things better than my computer.  For example, I can set profiles on my phone based on my location – so certain settings can change depending on if I’m at work or home.  I can have my phone automatically silence while I’m at work.  I can have it turn on or off wifi, change the home screen, launch certain apps, etc. (This is done with various automation apps, like Tasker, Atooma, Llama, Profile Flow, etc. Some tips from LifeHacker here.

But my computer? No such luck.  Because my computer is not aware of its location the way my phone is.  Since I take my personal computer to work with me, I would like it to change my screensaver when it knows I’m at work.  Or when I’m using google maps, can’t it automatically know where my current location is?  How hard would it be to put GPS into a computer?  Or better yet, GPS plus 4G?  Here’s to hoping my next laptop has both.

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