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How to Get 1 Million Followers to Your Blog

How to Title a Blog Post What I learned from James Altucher’s Blog (Part 1) – Many of you may or may not have heard of or read something by James.  He has a bit of an oddball style – … Continue reading

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Stupid People – Gas Prices

I could write an entire book on all the things stupid people do, and why all the problems in the world seem to be caused by stupid people.  But I’ll limit this post to a specific one. I was pulling … Continue reading

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How to make you’re “Walmart Million”

I came across a stat a few weeks ago that if you had invested $1000 into WalMart stock at their IPO in the 1970’s, that initial investment would now be worth $1M.  Increasing your money 1000 times, even over 40 … Continue reading

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What is this blog?

This blog is my musings on what is interesting to me.  I’m attempting to write more, and this is my first avenue to do so.  Here you will find my ramblings on life, technology, mobile software, design, China, travel, investing, … Continue reading

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